VISHAL Rotavator

Super Saver of Time & Fuel

Model: VISHAL Rotavator

Category: Tractor Attachment

Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7 Feet

Tractor Required: 35 - 75 HP

Gear Box: Single / Multi Speed

Transmission: Gear / Chain

PTO Speed: 540 RPM

Rotar Speed: 225 / 175

VISHAL Rotavator is a mechanized cultivating implement that is used to prepare soil for planting. It is one of the most popular power tools among farmers. Also known as rotary tillers, rotavators are smaller and less expensive.

VISHAL Rotavator is engineered with two sets of specially-designed circular blades or tines that are attached to a motorized horizontal shaft. The tiller spins the tines, digging them down into the topsoil to a pre-determined depth. The tines loosen and lift the soil, turning it over.

Rotavator is equipped with a gearbox and driven forward, or held back, by tractor. The gearbox enables the forward speed to be adjusted while the rotational speed of the tines remains constant which enables the operator to easily regulate the extent to which soil is engaged.

Features and Highlights:

  • VISHAL Rotavator helps farmer in saving Tractor Hours, Saving Fuel, Time & Labor.
  • Farms Plaughed and tilled with our Rotavator do not face complaints of Lump Formation in Soil.
  • Residues of last yield get easily mixed with soil with Vishal Rotavator.
  • Propelled by tractors of 30-60 HP
  • Power Coated Body Paint for Long Life
  • Available in 540 RPM & 1000 RPM
  • 1 Season Warranty
  • Approved by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.
Overall Size 7 Feet 6 Feet 5 Feet
Width 2510 (mm) 2278 (mm) 2065 (mm)
Height 1095 (mm) 1095 (mm) 1095 (mm)
Length 1350 (mm) 1350 (mm) 1350 (mm)
Working Width 2138 (mm) 1925 (mm) 1705 (mm)
Working Depth 155 (mm) 155 (mm) 155 (mm)
HP Required 50-60 HP 50-55 HP 40-45 HP
Number of Flanges 10 9 8
Number of Blades 54 48 42
PTO Speed (rpm) 540 540 540
Rotor Speed (rpm) 215 215 215
Weight 494 Kg. (Approx.) 472 Kg. (Approx.) 455 Kg. (Approx.)

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